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WOSPAC is an institution with a presence in 5 continents that assures you to improve in the field of sports, education and as a person. The athletes, teams, and coaches that have already relied on WOSPAC, value us with a satisfaction ratio between 9-10, adding that thanks to WOSPAC they have lived the best experience of their lives.

The educational and athletic experts all around the world value WOSPAC as the most innovative initiative of international athletic, educational and personal training that was never seen before and encourages the world to enjoy this experience.

With more than 10 years of experience and with more than 10.000 people trained, WOSPAC is a reference institution of international athletic, educational and personal training, where the clients who try us, return, and the ones who return recommend us… At WOSPAC, in addition to make friends and contacts from all over the world, we assure that you will live and enjoy an experience that will change your life.

Who we are

WOSPAC is an exciting, top-quality international initiative that was created by the passion for sports and education, and that has become a reference brand in a few years with a great expansion in 5 continents.

WOSPAC offers a great variety of development services and athletic-academic consultancy, where an innovative focus is applied in order to satisfy the needs of the athletes, coaches, and parents. Additionally, thanks to its international franchise network, WOSPAC provides its clients with a highly valuable and exclusive service that is unique worldwide.

Based on the philosophy of enjoying, learning and developing by a natural way and within a healthy environment, WOSPAC has created a revolutionary athletic-academic project that allows people worldwide to live the experience of their lives, boosting their personal and athletic growth to the limit.

Testimonies & Experts

  • “I came to WOSPAC, because I knew it would be a good opportunity for me to train every day, play with a great club such as UE Cornellà and improve in terms of football. At WOSPAC there is a great atmosphere and I have made great friends. It is amazing to be here.”

    WOSPAC Player, Canada
  • “The word incredible is the best to describe my experience WOSPAC. Thanks to the annual program I have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of people from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds. It is also brilliant to play in the teams of UE Cornellà at the maximum level and compete against big teams like FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol.”

    WOSPAC Player, Maldives
  • WOSPAC has helped me to learn new languages such as the Catalonian and Spanish. And best of all, I have had the opportunity and honour of playing against teams like FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol.

    WOSPAC Player, Switzerland
  • WOSPAC is a great opportunity. Not only could I improve my English, but also all my football skills. It is a great experience.”

    WOSPAC Player, Korea
  • WOSPAC is an amazing place to stay, where you can meet players from all over the world that become your brothers after living together for a certain time. If you are a football player this is a great experience.”

    WOSPAC Player, Costa Rica
  • “The journey to become a professional in this sport is complicated, but close to the best teams and clubs of the world always makes the dream to achieve this more realistic.”

    Methodology Director WOSPAC
  • “Coming to Barcelona thanks to WOSPAC has given me great opportunities related to football, apart from making lifelong friendships. The trainings, the matches and each of our days are full of football. And there is nothing better than this.”

    WOSPAC Player, Unites States

Services in Barcelona

Realize your annual stay with WOSPAC and play a game against UE Cornellà!

WOSPAC Stages offers elite programs to athletes in the city of Barcelona to improve in the field of sports and education. At WOSPAC we provide weekly, monthly and also yearly programs. For the yearly program we ensure you to learn a new language, improve your skills in your sport and make new friends. If we cannot accomplish this, we give your money back.

Request information now and get a 20% discount for your first WEEKLY STAY at WOSPAC if you are one of the first 5 people applying for this life experience this month.

Realize your practice as a coach at UE Cornellà, “affiliate” club of FC Barcelona in the field of sports!

WOSPAC Coach offers high-quality programs to coaches in the city of Barcelona to improve in the field of sports and in the professional field. At WOSPAC we provide theoretical and practical courses with which you can learn the training methodologies used by the teams of Barcelona and you will realize your practice on the field of the reference teams of Barcelona.

Request information now and get a 20% discount from the FOOTBALL METHODOLOGY IN BARCELONA course (Part 1) if you are one of the first 5 people applying for this international training this month.

Realize your high-quality, low-cost, sportive stay in Barcelona with the leading company of this sector!

WOSPAC Teams offers high-quality stays in the city of Barcelona for clubs, academies, colleges and universities from all over the world. The stays combine leisure activities, like visiting the FC Barcelona Museum, sport practices, like matches, tournaments and/or high-quality trainings. WOSPAC provides all sorts of stays with great experience in the city of Barcelona, even if it is for recreational or professional institutions.

Request information now and get a 10% discount from your first TEAM STAY at WOSPAC.

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