The technification of football at WOSPAC Spain is realized together with Unió Esportiva Cornellà (www.uecornella.cat). This club is one of the reference entities of Barcelona in the field of sports and provides the football players with some experts and with high level facilities in order to help them improve in the technical, tactical, conditional and cognitive fields and also in physical and psychological aspects.

The high level technification of WOSPAC, for players between the ages of 6 and 18, from Barcelona, gives them a great opportunity to learn by the methodology used by the teams in Barcelona. The sessions are developed in the gym, swimming pool and of course in the football pitch, where both individual and group work takes place in order to improve the essential aspects of the sport, avoiding the analytical trainings and setting global trainings.


The football technification programs at WOSPAC that take place in the mornings, afternoons and evenings are developed to improve the collective aspects of the sport, grouping the footballers according to their level and age, using a working methodology that allows the athletes to improve their abilities naturally in a pleasant and professional environment.

On the other hand, the individual football technification programs at WOSPAC are personalised for each player according to their needs and objectives. WOSPAC, as an initial study, realizes a first meeting with the player in order to identify these needs and objectives and create in this way, the working route and appointing the most appropriate experts to help each athlete.

Finally, every program of WOSPAC includes merchandising and the necessary access of all the facilities where the training sessions are realized; in the gym, the swimming pool and the football pitch, in addition to the experts assigned to the athletic, physical, nutritional, psychological works that a footballer needs through his path towards success.