The main purpose of WOSPAC is to help and benefit CLUBS, ACADEMIES, COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES of Spain, in the field of sports, education and economy offering to transform them – at no cost and without effort – from a national level entity to an international athletic–educative institution.

The aim of these agreements of WOSPAC is providing those CLUBS, ACADEMIES, COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES that are willing to join WOSPAC, with an added value and a distinguishing feature. These agreements will transform the education of these institutions from a national to an international level providing their athletes, coaches and students with some athletic-educative learning opportunities with a great added value and with an international scope through the working methodologies of the reference teams in Barcelona, such as UE Cornellà, FC Barcelona, and RCD Espanyol.

WOSPAC will take your institution to the next level and will be a reference for other entities around you. WOSPAC only wants you to become more visible, and this will be achieved by offering exclusive services and opportunities only for the institutions that are part of the WOSPAC family.


WOSPAC TOP (Talent Opportunity Program) during 1 week with economic benefits for the Club. WOSPAC will send a professional coach to manage the TOP for 60 players of the Club.

– 1 player will be selected to complete a free stay of 2 weeks in the Programs of WOSPAC in the Academy of Barcelona (valued at more than 2.400€).

– After every 100 players who realize a 2-week stay in Barcelona, WOSPAC will give 1 SCHOLARSHIP OF 100% for the ANNUAL program per season at the Academy of Barcelona (valued at more than 40.000€).

– Additionally, during the TOP, 50 coaches will get a free training about the Catalonian Football Methodology (Part 1) valued at 250€ per person. Note: The places are limited to 5 coaches from the same club.

– 2 Coaches of the Club will have the opportunity to realize a free 1-week stay in Barcelona to complete a theoretical-practical training about the working methodologies of the Clubs in Barcelona and Spain (valued at more than 2.400€).

– Exclusive link between the Club and the WOSPAC Academy in Barcelona

– The Club will have the priority to realize stays in Barcelona for its players, teams, coaches and to participate in the tournaments organised by WOSPAC.

– The players and coaches of the Club will be able to show their talent to the best clubs in Spain and Barcelona.

– More extra benefits for the Club related to the stays in Barcelona:

If the annual billing > 80.000€ à Extra benefit = 5% Annual Billing

WOSPAC with the objective to promote worldwide the stays for players, teams and coaches in Barcelona carry out draws among all the people registered in the FAN CLUB:

* FREE STAY FOR AN INDIVIDUAL: 1 SCHOLARSHIP for the ANNUAL program will be awarded per season, valued at almost 40.000€, after every 6.000 new registered football players (from 8 to 16 years of age).

* FREE STAY FOR A TEAM (18 persons): 1 SCHOLARSHIP for a team will be awarded per season valued at more than 15.000€ among all the registered football players (from 8 to 16 years of age) and coaches. The fortunate player or coach will have the chance to come to Barcelona with his team and enjoy the trainings and matches for 1 week.