From CH Gava to FCB

At WOSPAC we always like to talk about the discovery of talent and above all that effort, sacrifice and work as main premises, help to obtain optimum results.

Del CH Gavà al FCB

En WOSPAC siempre nos gusta hablar del descubrimiento del talento y sobre todo, de que el esfuerzo, sacrificio y trabajo, como premisas principales, ayudan a obtener unos resultados óptimos.

Hiring athletes? Part I

WOSPAC works with athletes! Not only the players but also the staff is full athletes. Think about it: All employees played sport on high level. The question is: When are you an Athlete? In the following case we show you why!

Cabrera at SOCCER Coach

At SOCCER Coach we want to make a special mention of Santiago Cabrera, a young coach from Venezuela but based in New York, who has been enjoying the Catalan city of Barcelona and football for ten days thanks to WOSPAC. 

Styling of football

A couple months ago we talked about the styling of football. The mustache of Vicente del Bosque or Mario Kempes and the hair of Valderrama or Maradona were the styling-icons of their time. Now we going to talk about another part of styling: the Soccer Shoes!

Estilo en el fútbol

Un par de meses atrás, hablábamos del estilo en el fútbol. El bigote de Vicente del Bosque o Mario Kempes y el pelo de Valderrama o Maradona fueron estilos icónicos en su tiempo. Hoy vamos a hablar de otra parte del diseño en el fútbol: las botas!

Exporting talent FCB & RCDE

The UE Cornellà, with whom WOSPAC has a collaborating agreement for the formation of the Academy players is also one of the most important partners collaborating clubs of the FC Barcelona.

Exportando talento a FCB y RCDE

La UE Cornellà, con quien WOSPAC tiene un acuerdo de colaboración para la formación de los jugadores de la academia, también es uno de los clubes colaboradores del FC Barcelona más importantes.

Pre-season for Kane

Kane Crichlow player of SOCCER Stages, started the past 20 august the pre-season with Cadet A of UE Cornellà, team of Honor Division.