Match of the week

Last Saturday was played the match of the week. A representation of players from UE Cornellà and a selection of WOSPAC players, all of them representatives from the program SOCCER Stages, they matched up in the municipal football field of Santa Coloma de Cervelló.

El partido de la jornada

El pasado sábado se disputó el partido de la jornada. Una representación de jugadores de la UE Cornellà y una selección de jugadores WOSPAC, todos ellos representantes del programa de SOCCERSTAGES se enfrentaron en el campo de futbol municipal de Santa Coloma de Cervelló.

Cadet G also can score

The match belonging to round 18 of group 25 of the cadet second division, Cadet G of UE Cornellà received Escola Esportiva Llor, from the neighbourhood location of Sant Boi de Llobregat.

El cadete G también golea

En partido correspondiente a la jornada 18 del grupo 25 de la segunda división cadete, el Cadete G de la UE Cornella recibía a la Escola Esportiva Llor, de la vecina localidad de Sant Boi de Llobregat.

Wide margin win of Infantil C

Most remarkable news, this week we want to remember the wide margin win of UE Cornellà over FE Atlètic Vilafranca. The team of Marc Alba received, in Nou Municipal de Cornellà, one of the bottom teams in the league’s table.

Great victory of Youth D

The match belonging to the 17th round of the league of group 24 of the 2nd  Division, the Youth D of UE Cornellà won by 1 goal to 4 during his visit to the field of CF Can Vidalet, from the neighbourhood location of Espluges de Llobregat.

Gran Victoria del Juvenil D

En partido correspondiente a la 17ª jornada de liga del grupo 24 de la segunda división, el juvenil D de la UE Cornellà se impuso por 1 gol a 4 en su visita al campo del CF Can Vidalet, de la vecina localidad de Esplugues de Llobregat. El equipo dirigido por Marc Fortuny presentaba a…

UEC with Catalan National Team

During the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of February, the U-16 and U-18 Catalan national team has been disputing in the Asturian locality of Gijón, the second phase to get a place in the final phase of the Spanish Tournament.