BASKETBALL Pro gives the opportunity to players of basketball around the world, aged between 18 and 25 years of age, be able to continue training athletically at basket clubs in Barcelona. Through quality sports – educational training, BASKETBALL Pro gives basketball players a real chance to continue to make progress in their sport internationally.

BASKETBALL Pro provides the team, tools, and the support needed for basketball players, who have finished their youth training stage in basketball in their country of origin, to continue training athletically at as amateur teams, semi-professional teams and professional teams in the city of Barcelona.

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In the BASKETBALL Pro programs, which last from 2 weeks to 10 months, athletes enjoy an experience of basketball in Barcelona, where they balance between the sports training and their education. From Monday to Friday, players take part in morning and afternoon sessions, combining these sessions with their education. On weekends, the players enjoy the city of Barcelona, its climate and its leisure activities, as well as participating in basketball games.

BASKETBALL Pro also works with basketball federations, clubs and entities around the world that offer unique opportunities to train and play in the best teams in Barcelona, as well as improve the athlete’s projection for the future.