If just a week ago we spoke about a new WOSPAC franchise in Saudi Arabia, today our CEO, Alex Bosacoma has signed an agreement to start WOSPAC Peru. Juan José Benavente will be henceforth the responsible for the new WOSPAC franchise in Peru and becomes this way a link between clubs and football organizations in the world to have the wide range of services WOSPAC offers.

Benavente was very excited about this opportunity: “to work with WOSPAC is a pleasure and to offer all these services in Latin America certainly will help us to continue to grow and highlight the emerging soccer potential in Peru. Working with a methodology that has already yielded positive results and it is always rewarding and to do it next to famous people from the world of football training, as Albert Benaiges, is even more rewarding.”

For that, Benavente will have all the necessary tools of organization and management to perform successfully the implementation of the WOSPAC model in the Peruvian sport. From Barcelona, we are convinced that your desires, your passion and your good work, will make WOSPAC Peru successful.