WOSPAC is part of the news ounce again, this time in Senegal, as for the first time we fly to Africa to start working with a new possible franchise. 

WOSPAC Business’s job continues to reap success and a new agreement in Africa will prove it. The plan is to open a new soccer academy in the Dakar’s region, in Yene, about 30km south of the Senegal’s capital.

Seck Baye Daouda which is on charge for the Senegal project, will fly this month, to make their dream reality: to build a sport academy which help this young and talented Senegalese, to get better and to be ready for a big jump to Europe.

Baye Daouda will be in contact with a different clubs in the region of Dakar, also will be talking to various partners to try to give a support to the African academy.

Seck was really excited: “we know that to make a new academy knowing all the limits that we have in our country it’s not an easy job, but I’m ready to take this responsibility. On top of it, I’m very satisfied about this connection between Spain and Senegal, because it’s a new way to given an opportunity to these young Senegalese players, to get an educational and sports training of very good level in Barcelona. We will be the most important assets to write a new future to these guys”. 

For WOSPAC business it’s a pleasure to continue opening borders and put a but of out touch in new countries (Bermuda, Australia, Peru, Saudi Arabia and South Korea), all united by a passion, sport.